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The Rhesus Factor

Ark Ship


The Bone Menagerie

Journeys of the Mind

Deconstructing the Butterfly Effect (discontinued magazine)

The Promise

More Than One Life

Novels and Short Stories

Stargate novels and short stories, see here.

By the time I moved back to Australia in 2000, I had been publishing non-fiction for 20 years. Concerned over the effects of climate change (my postgraduate research was on sea level rise), I began jotting down scenarios along the lines of: ‘What if a pandemic hit in 2020, when climate change was having severe and undeniable impacts?’ That became my first novel, The Rhesus Factor, published in 2004. I had no intentions of writing more novels, but one thing led to another.

Journeys of the Mind is not a novel, rather, it is an anthology of short stories that I had the privilege of compiling and editing. They’re written by the who’s who of (mostly) Australian spec fic writers. The anthology includes one of my non-fiction tales, so technically it doesn’t belong here…although it reads like it should. A case of life being stranger than fiction.

Most of my short stories were prompted by real-world events. Most are still under contract to the publishers, where the links in the icons above will take you. If you are one of my students with the Writers College and would like a copy of my original submissions, please ask.

I’m still writing the kinds of disaster stories that appeal to my inner 12-year old, Unfortunately, they’re no longer fictional ‘What if?’ scenarios, rather they’re┬ánon-fiction ‘Now that we’re here, what are we doing about it?‘ stories.