While I have written hundreds of non-fiction articles, I don’t tend to write many fictional short stories, principally because I prefer creating more complex worlds for film, television, games, and novel-length stories. Those listed below are the only ones I’ve penned and all have been published. In fact the last on the list  is not fiction…well, not quite. However, as I was the editor of this spec fic anthology, I had the final say.

How Do I Love TheeMore Than One Life
How Do I Love Thee? Edited by Valerie Parv, Allen and Unwin Australia (paperback), November 2009.





escapevelocity  Deconstructing the Butterfly Effect
Escape Velocity Magazine Issue 4 – March 2009






SG1  K-T
Stargate SG-1 Titan Magazines Issue 18 – September 28 2007; short story set at the end of Season 10.





asim  The Promise
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 31 – October 2007 Short story (speculative fiction) in response to tragic real world events.

Also reprinted in the ‘Best of’ edition for the World Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention in 2010.





journeys_cover_big  The Spiffy Cult
Journey’s of the Mind
Double Dragon Publishing, June 2006
See here for more details

Also appeared in Short Stories Australia Autumn 2006 (print only).

As a direct result of this story (which I wrote in 2000), an Australian film producer who read it online ended up flying to Tanna and filming the village mentioned, and of course paying them a considerable amount of money, which naturally reinforced the entire problem. Something about art influencing life influencing art comes to mind.