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Moko's Book

Written in conjunction with over 100 children to celebrate biodiversity in the Hurunui District, New Zealand.

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It's happening right now

When a deadly virus becomes a global pandemic, one that health authorities are unable to stop.

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The legends are true

When lies hide truths and friends are deadlier than enemies, betrayal is not always what it seems.

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When marine engineer Kristin Baker

meets US Navy Commander Nick Page, she discovers her unwitting role in a scheme to protect the West’s interests in the face of climate change. But what neither knows is that a stealth virus has quietly become a pandemic. Published in 2004, the rights have recently reverted to me. You can now download a PDF copy free of charge.

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50,000 years ago mythical creatures were real

When 16 year old Gabrielle Jordan is forced to travel back in time to the last Ice Age, she finds herself caught in a war between angels and demons, a war that's about to explode into the 21st Century. Read on...

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Official novels based on critically acclaimed television series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

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Moko's book

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to Moko’s book, ‘Celebrating Biodiversity in the Hurunui District’. Over 100 children created fantastic, inventive, and truly inspirational pages.

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